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Alternative Data

…it will become increasingly clear that competence in advanced data and analytics will define competitive advantage in the industry in the not-too-distant future. Today’s managers face a fundamental and indisputable need to support their investment processes by developing increasingly advanced capabilities in these digital technologies. The alternative, for most firms, is to risk becoming irrelevant and trailing others in the ability to generate superior investment returns.” - BCG June 2016

Alternative data is data from non-traditional data sources that investors use to evaluate companies or investment opportunities. This includes data from the web which could be financial statements, press releases, etc. What counts as alternative data will depend upon your industry and the traditional data sources that are already widely used by you and your competitors.


The value is simple: the use and the analysis of alternative data drives unique insights and actions for your business beyond those that regular data sources are capable of providing. Alternative data can therefore be a very important competitive differentiator.

Examples of Alternative Data :

  • Point-of-sale transactions.
  • Web site usage.
  • Reports
  • Satellite images.
  • Social media posts.

OGMA leverages the above data sources and many more using its AI platform to provide investors with competitive Insights on their future investment