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Bringing Data to Life

Data Visualisation plays a particularly important role in business, where data analysis is widely applied. The results of data modeling and analyses often influence the imagination of end users and inspire their decisions, so it is crucial that they understand the results of the analyses properly. However, top management rarely has deep knowledge of predictive models and statistics (or time to dig into their mathematical details).


Presenting data visually in a clear, comprehensive and engaging way can be of great help in their data-driven decision-making process. In this short article, we present a few tips on how to turn data into effective, thought-provoking stories.

OGMA provides On Premise courses for Enterprises wishing to leverage their unexploited and hidden data and bring them to Life through the Power of Business Intelligence and Data Story Telling.


Specially tailored courses for both Technical and non Technical users. At the end , BI is meant to be for anyone not ONLY for IT.


Our Certified Trainers can help your Team build internal capabilities and Analytical mindset helping your business needs.


Learn Analytics for Healthcare. This course teaches the fundamentals and introduces intermediate concepts through  hands-on practice building out a various chart types and an interactive dashboard and stories.

Using data and language that you understand lets you focus on learning functionalities – jump-starting your journey to creating beautiful visualizations!

Our  Course teaches you how to:

  • connect to data and manipulate it
  • build intuitive reports using a variety of visualization types
  • employ data visualization best practices to build relevant dashboards
  • use trend lines, reference lines, and statistical techniques
  • learn how to share your visualizations with others

Tell a Data Story

Stories are magical. Use a story to communicate with your audience, and to engage them emotionally but a Story without valid data carries no weight and it will probably hurt your reputation.

Make your audience excited about the results you are going to present by giving them a hint of your results at the beginning of your presentation. But do not tell them everything at the beginning! Suspense is the key to grab and maintain attention. So build on it and keep your audience wondering and excited about what is coming next.

Also, on a more practical note, think beforehand what questions your audience might have when looking at your presentation, and incorporate answers to these questions into your narrative. This way your story will be more complete, and your presentation will be less frequently interrupted.

OGMA provides tailored Data Story Telling courses for  the following :

  • Journalists
  • Business Users
  • Healthcare executives

Uncovering the insights contained within your organization’s seemingly endless stores of data is an exciting prospect. However, successful data mining projects require professionals  to develop an extensive set of skills to reach their full potential. That’s why OGMA  data mining curricula includes courses that cover data preparation methods, patterns, processes and tools.


Train with our certified and Ph.D Level Team and gain both the technical and strategic data mining expertise you need to transform your data into an informational advantage!


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