OGMA is a new breed of Data Analytics firm founded by a team of experts with more than 75 years of collective experience.

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Big Data

We have successfully delivered big data solutions for forward-thinking clients, bringing to every big data project:

  • A proven skill set and framework to customize a solution for any organization
  • End-to-end services required for discovery, delivery, implementation, administration and maintenance for every big data solution
  • Data scientists, engineers and analysts to ensure that your organization takes maximum advantage of big data to support better business decisions, create new sources of competitive advantage and create new and sustainable revenue streams.

Big Data Framework and Building Blocks

A complete big data framework that delivers a new, deeper level of actionable information for business decisions consists of 3 layers, each with its own sub-layers of building blocks and decisions:

  • IT Infrastructure: Big data usually requires additional computing power and data storage capacity. Organizations may choose to host internally by investing in additional equipment, or transition big data processing to the cloud.
  • Big Data Management: Most big data infrastructures are built using Apache Hadoop, an open source software project that enables the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers.
  • Business Intelligence: The most complex layer in the big data stack is business intelligence – the data scientists, engineers and analysts that ensure that the massive amount of data collected is ingested, organized, maintained and presented as actionable information for decision-making. Many firms are able to build the hardware infrastructure layer; a few can tune and optimize Hadoop; but very few have the proven expertise to turn mountains of data into valuable, difference-making information.

Our Big Data Services Model

Our end-to-end big data services model provides our clients with access to valuable new information about their markets and customers – high quality information, well before their competitors. Our data scientists, engineers, and analysts are involved in solution development from the beginning, mapping out your data needs at the same time your hardware and software infrastructure is determined.


Our phased big data services model ensures that our experts are involved at every step along the way. We can execute the entire project, or assist with any phase.

  • Phase 1: System Infrastructure: Servers, Storage, Network, OS
  • Phase 2: Big Data Software Platform
  • Phase 3: Optimize Environment, Plan & Connect Data Sources
  • Phase 4: Performance Testing
  • Phase 5: Steady State Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Phase 6: Data Science / Engineering / Analytics
  • Data capture analytics layer
  • Data presentation layer

Big Data + Data Analytics = Big Results

Harnessing the power of big data is the new key that will enable some companies to leapfrog others and become leaders in their competitive space. Highly trained data scientists are required to successfully organize and analyze the mass of new data to discern patterns and present it clearly to decision-makers to support better business decisions.Our Big Data team possesses unique expertise across the entire data lifecycle – data engineering, applications, analytics and algorithms – and includes data lifecycle planning from the beginning of the project planning process. We have delivered both the infrastructure and the results that fulfill the big data promise: exponentially more actionable information for competitive advantage and better big decisions.


Our Areas of Data science expertise covers the following Business sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Government agencies
  • Municipalities