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Analytics for Dairy Producers

OGMA is proud to partner with “Go Baladi”, one of the most successful Lebanese dairy producers offering Bio dairy products, in their endeavors to visualize their operations, inventory, production and efficiency KPIs through a unified access point.

The provided solution connects either automatically out of the box to typically used accounting systems and can be easily customized for another ERP system. Using the flexibility of Data Analytics nearly any data source can be integrated from sensor information to live data and relevant news services.


The solution provides the user at a glance with all relevant KPI’s for dairy business and a variety of other important metrics from Waste Management, Production and Supply Chain, sales, Operations, commodity pricing and more.


Users also have the option to simulate scenarios in real time using assumptions for the desired and realize reliable plans using comprehensive budgeting features.

About Go Baladi


In an effort to revive the tasty and natural food of grandma from the Lebanese village; Hajjar Foods has decided to start a new venture to be the beacon of natural, authentic and healthy food in Lebanon and the region: “Go Baladi”.


Backed with vast experience in the food industry of Engineer Sami Hajjar, we’ve started with the dairy industry, and we’ve setup a new innovative dairy to lead the way of authentic 100% natural and organic dairy. Our aim is to create authentic and innovative products, using authentic shepherd’s recipes revisited with innovative processes to be in the forefront of the health and nutrition wave, following high standards of hygiene.


“Go Baladi” uses quality ingredients with known sources: wild forage organic milk of goats and Ewes from the Lebanese mountains mainly Sannine and Barouk, and without any additives or preservatives, we create the organic Labneh mkaazaleh, laban, halloum, and kechek. We are the premiere certified organic dairy in Lebanon based on EU standards and we have recently implemented the food safety management system ISO 22000.