OGMA is a new breed of Data Analytics firm founded by a team of experts with more than 75 years of collective experience.

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OGMA has been chosen as a Premium consultant for several municipalities seeking to automate their business processes and offer online self check in services for their tax payers.

  • Define vision and goals
  • Set up high level leadership task force
  • Ensure consistency with economic development priorities
  • Establish stakeholder participation mechanisms (including demand)
  • Put in place e-govt. management framework
  • Establish partnerships with private sector, where feasible
  • Design technical, data sharing, and service delivery infrastructure.

Helping local government agencies and municipalities in their endeavors by performing the following :

  • Due Diligence
  • Creating a Delivery Road map
  • Writing  RFP for needed services
  • Bids Management
  • Manage and Audit deliveries

OGMA offers full fledged solutions for municipalities ranging from automation of processes , financials , archiving as well as e-municipalities


Check out our explanatory video for more insights.

Informed Citizen

Municipalities impact citizens’ lives on a daily basis yet most residents know little about what’s going on in their community. Municipalities really needs a trusted, reliable way to engage residents via a modern communication channels

Bureaucracy is one of the painful points that most residents suffer from when dealing with municipal submissions. Needed documents are confusing and mostly not clear to the residents.

OGMA provides a fully Interactive Touch screen that can be installed at the municipality entrances for the sake of keeping the residents informed about:

  1. Needed papers for any municipal procedure
  2. Due payments (التكليف)

Any walk in can choose his(er) process and get full fledged information about the needed documents/papers as well as the workflow needed with an estimation time for delivery.


With a nominal investment , municipalities  and local government agencies can leverage their transparency endeavors by placing this interactive screen on their entrance or any other location thus promoting Citizen informed  motto.