OGMA is a new breed of Data Analytics firm founded by a team of experts with more than 75 years of collective experience.

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Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management helps manage the diverse unstructured content by using technologies to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content that drives critical business processes.

With more than a decade of in-depth cross-vertical, multi-functional experience, our ECM Consultants deliver significant value through content management consulting, implementation methodologies and tools. We have been designing unique solutions for over 8 years. We have key implementations across verticals such as Banking and Finance, Public Services, Insurance, Manufacturing.

Leveraging our long-standing association with our alliance partners, we deliver content management solutions that deliver superior experience to customers.


OGMA provides archiving and content management solutions to municipalities , local government agencies as well as the private sector.Our Team of experienced content managers can help your organization save countless hours of content editing and scanning and archiving.