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Denodo is the leader in data virtualization – providing unmatched performance, unified access to the broadest range of enterprise, Big Data, cloud and unstructured sources, and the most agile data services provisioning and governance – at less than half the cost of traditional data integration. Denodo’s reference customers in every major industry have gained significant business agility and ROI by creating a unified virtual data layer that serves strategic enterprise-wide information needs for agile BI, Big Data analytics, Web and cloud integration, single-view applications, and SOA and RESTful linked data services.

Denodo Platform for data visualization

The Denodo Platform for data virtualization offers the broadest access to structured and unstructured data residing in enterprise, big data, and cloud sources, in both batch and real-time, exceeding the performance needs of data-intensive organizations for both analytical and operational use cases, delivered in a much shorter timeframe than traditional data integration tools. The Denodo Platform contains features that are optimized to work in conjunction with big data repositories, and a variety of connectors to all types of data sources. The platform’s abstraction layer offers business users a familiar SQL interface and the capability to leave the physical data where it belongs.


Unleash the power of big data with data virtualization

The Cloudera-Denodo Platform solution combines the storage and processing power of Hadoop with the versatility of a data virtualization layer to combine different types of data sources. This allows users to cash in only on the strengths of each data source to the best of the advantage.


Data Warehouse Off-loading:

It makes business sense to store and process current or hot data in the enterprise data warehouse, and store historical or cold data in an affordable and less expensive repository. For example in a flood risk mitigation report, rows containing flood information for the current calendar year would be hot data and flood information prior to that, would be cold data. Such a report that requires a combination of information involving the current data in the enterprise data warehouse and historical flood data  can be created in a matter of hours using the Denodo Platform for data virtualization.


Logical Data Warehouse:

The Logical Data Warehouse is a data virtualization architecture that unifies the enterprise data warehouse with other enterprise data sources. With this logical data warehouse architecture in place, both the enterprise data warehouse and the ETL processes that feed it can be combined with new, more agile data sources such as Cloudera. The Denodo Platform’s abstraction layer solves this issue by allowing users to bridge both types of data and present them to data consumers as a unified view.


Internet of Things (IoT):

Cloudera stores and processes streaming data and the results of this processing can then be combined easily with other data sources in the enterprise using the Denodo Platform. Valuable customer or product information streamed from sensor-embedded devices can become old and not used optimally at the right time, due to the data being siloed and not available for business insights. The Denodo Platform can be used to combine the streaming data from equipment sensors, stored in Cloudera, with the data from a CRM system, for example, that holds customer support ticketing data and/or revenue data from sales. This is valuable insight to make informed business decisions in time, about offering location based discounts for customer satisfaction and retention.


OGMA is a Certified Denodo partner for the Middle East , we offer Professional Services through our skilled certified Denodo Engineers and Data Architects