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Customer Journey Analytics

Geography: Lebanon



With revenues of more than US$165 million in 2016, Our client is one of the Top Banks in Lebanon and MENA region with 86 branches in Lebanon and others spanning all over the world.

In addition to serving consumers, Our client has many investment banking arms all over the world.

Business Challenge

Customer Journey Analytics:

  • Our client has launched over the last 3 years various portals for online Transactions through various channels such as Web and Mobile but with low ROI.
  • Its customers seem using the traditional banking channel (Branches) for their Transactions.
  • Our client needed to understand “why” its customers are using a certain channel instead of another and how.

Solution Deployed

A full-fledged cloud based Big Data Eco System

  • Streamsets collecting Data from 12 different sources of data using Apache’s flume and Sqoop
  • Cluster deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Data quality was applied to leverage the source data and make sure the results in line with the expectations
  • Data Processing engine
  • Data Analytical Engine consisting of :
    1. Statistical model
    2. Machine Learning Model

Data Processed (2 years backlog) = 2 PB

Business Benefits

  • Our Client was able to identify its customer’s preferences and the reason behind their choices
  • With the Insights delivered, The Bank is building an action plan to re-engineer its services channels as to accommodate its clients’ needs.
  • By offloading large-scale data ingest, processing, and exploration of multi-structured data sets from various sources that starts with Core Banking to call center Logs and applying ML models , the Bank was able to get a holistic view of its clients choices and the reasons behind them