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Our Healthcare Solutions

The on-going digital transformation in the healthcare sector has created an explosion of data, expected to reach 2314 exabytes in 2020 up from 153 exabytes in 20132. This is based on the widespread adoption of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), digitalization of imaging/sensor data, expansion of IoT/wearables, data supporting personalized medicine initiatives (e.g. genomic data), etc.


Successfully making use of this data within a clinical setting requires access and sharing within the organization and ideally combining with existing systems covering finance, operations, compliance, clinical and other departments to provide actionable information across the whole organization.


OGMA provide Data Strategy and services enabling the healthcare organization to integrate existing healthcare IT systems and data silos to develop analytical models and visualizations which can support healthcare decision making process.


Our products and services cover the full spectrum of data movement, quality, virtualization and Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

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